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Moving house guide – the essentials

A smooth and stress-free move ultimately comes down to a bit of forward thinking and organisation, though it’s easier said than done. As you prepare to move house, you’re faced with a seemingly endless to-do list and some of the basics are bound to slip your mind.

Collect packing boxes

Moving can be costly, but there are plenty of ways to keep moving costs down and that starts with packing boxes. Save money on buying packing boxes and instead take regular trips down to your local shops leading up to your move. You’ll find most supermarkets and local stores are more than happy to get rid of their unwanted boxes.

Organise a removalist (or enlist the help of your mates)

Hiring a professional removalist service can definitely relieve some stress on moving day, but it’s an added cost you’ll need to consider. If you’re trying to keep to a budget, think about whether you really need a removalist. Ask yourself:

Can you enlist the help of friends and family for the move?

Will you be able to transport large pieces of furniture?

Will you need to hire a truck?

Are you under time constraints for the move?

Organise a skip and cull, cull, cull

When you start going through your things, you’ll probably realise just how much stuff you have, and there’s no better time to get rid of things you no longer need than when you’re thinking about packing. You’ll find when you’re sorting through what to keep and what to let go of, a lot it’s rubbish. It might be worthwhile organising a skip so it’s out of the way and you can focus on packing.

Organise a place for your furry friends to stay during the move

Moving house with a cat or dog? Moving can be really stressful for animals too. If you’ve got a pet, ask friends or family that are already familiar with your pet if they can look after them for a couple of days during the move. Once you’ve found a place for them to stay, visit them with your pet in the lead up to your move so your furry friend can get used to the people and the place they’ll be staying in.

Moving Guide

would like to help make your move less stressful by providing you with moving suggestions and tips. Organizing and preparing weeks ahead of your move ensures a successful re-location and dramatically reduces mistakes and stress.

6-8 Weeks Before Moving – Clean Out, Hire Movers and Pay Attention to Detail

Begin choosing which items will be moving with you, which will be placed in storage and which you can do without! Also consider which items you would like to move yourself, and which can be trusted with the movers. If you don’t have a moving company in mind, get references and take bids from several different companies. Check your local listings such as Yelp! and Google for local moving companies.

Many moving expenses are tax-deductible, so maintain a file with important information and receipts for moving related expenses. If moving to a new community, find out about the schools, parks, recreation, and community programs from the local Chamber of Commerce or Visitor’s Bureau. Transfer medical, property, fire and auto insurance through your insurance agent.

4-5 Weeks Before Moving – Gather Supplies, Register Community Changes and Set Up Utilities

If you are planning to do some part of the packing, start collecting moving and packing supplies. These can be purchased from our supply shop. Contact the post office and fill out a US postal change of address form and provide your new address to your utility companies, internet, phone and cable companies. If you have children, ensure they are registered at their new schools or find a trusted daycare provider in your new community.

2-4 Weeks Before Moving – Begin Packing and Disposing Items

You may NOT want to pack your valuables in the moving vehicle; consider taking them with you. Plants – some state laws do not allow moving house plants across borders so prepare for this ahead of time. Depending on the length of your move, if you are going to travel by car, you may want to get the automobile serviced prior to your departure.

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which gives you an insight into all stages of the process, from house-hunting to registering yourself within the system and making friends with your neighbours.

We look at the pre-move admin such as arranging visas for certain nationalities and offering tips on how to navigate the property market to buy or rent your dream home. Once you’re here there’s a lot of that famous

There’s also the chance to benefit from the experiences of others. The Local has a large community of readers who have been through the process of moving and are always happy to share their experience, from the practical details to the culture shocks you should prepare yourself for.

Moving Guide

The hard part is over—you’ve found a new apartment or home that meets every standard. Only now, you need to turn it into a home. After all the stress of meeting with realtors and touring locations, the last thing you want to worry about is how to move your belongings from the past into the future.

Moving can be even more difficult than finding a new place to call home. Whether moving from one apartment to another, or into your new house, there are obstacles that can make the process feel overwhelming. Doing the move yourself may seem like a good idea at first glance, but working with experienced movers can preempt any challenges that may come up, and allow you to gain control of your time on moving day.

How to Effectively Organize Your Inventory

An Organization may not be one of your strong suits, but when it comes to moving, organizing will save you a lot of time and perhaps a fight or two with your roommate or significant other.

You should start packing by choosing items that can easily be replaced in your new home to save space. These items may include cleaning supplies, expired food, toiletries, and broken items.

Creating Comprehensive To-Do and Inventory Lists

To-Do List

Choose a moving company

Make an inventory list (Example provided below)

Buy boxes and bubble wrap

Decide when to start packing (or plan to have pack for you)

Make sure to pack your mattress in a box to avoid dirt / damages

Create a Moving Binder (holds all records, receipts, and documents related to your move)

Once you’ve signed your contract it’s a good idea to xerox all moving documents. Keep the original copy in a safe and secure place but take the xeroxes with you on a moving day.

Decide the best way of bringing any pets to a new home

Inventory List Example

Color code lists and boxes (create one list / color per room)

Pack smaller items into larger ones and take note of where everything goes

a. Suitcases are especially useful for this

Label all your boxes

a. Boxes should include your name and address (in case boxes are misplaced)

Make it easier to find items by labeling boxes with words like “tools”, “toys”, “electronics”

Local Moving Guide

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